“ZGF paid Arizona Elk Outfitters for my 7 day fully outfitted hunt for just $175.00 bucks (cost of resident membership). I harvested a giant elk and couldn’t be more happy with the ZGF program.”

Willie Bloomquist — Scottsdale, AZ

“Zero Guide Fees paid for my 5 day fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Strip Guides. The hunt was great and I would suggest ZGF to anyone who doesn’t want to pay expensive guide fees.”

Bruce Christopherson — Vernal, UT

“For any of you looking for guided hunts, do yourself a favor and go check out Zero Guide Fees. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. The program they offer is like none other, and it WORKS!”

Tim Kerigan — Rock Springs, WY

“I could not have afforded to go on a hunt like this without the Zero Guide Fee program. All I can say is Zero Guide Fees™ is 100% legit & if your not a ZGF member your missing out and paying to much!”

Terry Chapman — Aztec, NM

“I was skeptical of Zero Guide Fees at first, however I took the risk anyway and I am glad I did! They did exactly what they promised, by paying for my fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters.”

Mark Labrie — Frankfort, SD

“I was fortunate to draw in my first year with the Zero Guide Fee Program & saved over $3,000.00. I definitely want to do it all over again! Thank you Zero Guide Fees! Kenneth Meyers – Phoenix, AZ”

Kenneth Meyers — Phoenix, AZ

“Without a program like Zero Guide Fees I would not have been able to afford an outfitter. The $175.00 membership fee was perfect for my budget & the buck was even better!”

Jeslyn Rain — Sedona, AZ

“Zero Guide Fees is the best deal ever for a person on a limited budget. It exceeded my expectations in every way. John Sievers – Astoria, OR”

John Sievers — Astoria, OR

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ZGF will pay for your 5 to 10 day fully-outfitted hunt as a ZGF member.
Arizona Packages
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ZGF will pay for your 5 to 10 day fully-outfitted hunt as a ZGF member.
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ZGF will pay for your 5 to 10 day fully-outfitted hunt as a ZGF member.
Nevada Packages
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How It Works


Enrolling in Zero Guide fees will give you thousands of dollars towards your outfitted hunt for a small annual membership fee. The service is for residents and non residents who seek to hunt big game species with an outfitter in draw states like Arizona and Utah.


The primary method of obtaining a big game permit in the West is through a lottery application process. You may apply on your own or take advantage of our "easy application" service. With this service we will use our 35 years of knowledge & experience to apply on your behalf to make sure you never miss a deadline.


When you draw your coveted permit, Zero Guide Fees will pay thousands of dollars towards the premier outfitter of your choice! The best part is, the longer it takes you to draw, the more money ZGF will pay towards your hunt. It's that simple!

What We Do

Zero Guide Fees is an innovative company who pays thousands of dollars towards their members guide fees for a small annual membership fee. The difference for ZGF members is thousands in savings on top quality guided hunts in Arizona & Utah.  *Nevada & New Mexico Coming Soon

Why Choose Us

Zero Guide Fees is a ONE STOP SHOP that not only gives you thousands of dollars towards your guided hunt but also gives you unlimited consultation, a full application service, insider information with first hand outfitter knowledge and real time text & emails alerts. ZGF does all this and more with a small yearly membership. Getting drawn for a premium hunt in the west takes planning and patience and Zero Guide Fees makes the opportunity of a lifetime obtainable for anyone through this innovative program that truly is “the next generation in outfitting!”

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Who We Are

Zero Guide Fees is comprised of two primary founding members as well as many key people who have helped make this program a reality. Like most hunters, we too, have wanted to go on outfitted hunts and just didn’t have the funds to do so. So we created a program that allows anyone, with any budget, the ability to have a fully outfitted hunt without having to sell the farm to do it. It is our belief that quality outfitted hunts CAN be affordable to everyone under the Zero Guide Fees Program and that this program will allow more people and younger people to experience the sheer euphoria of a guided trophy hunt in the West.

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