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Things you to know after your first membership...

crosshairs Adding additional species

After your first “checkout” your will be able to add additional species to your memberships.  The system will automatically recognize and calculate discounts for adding additional species to your membership profile (see sample confirmation page). It will also remember your personal information so signing up for additional species saves you time and money. Learn more about “multi species discounts”

crosshairs Enroll Deadlines

Arizona splits their application deadlines so it can be confusing, causing some hunters to miss the deadline and their bonus points. Elk & antelope application deadlines are usually the second Tuesday in Feb. and deer and sheep deadlines are usually the second Tuesday in June. You must be enrolled as a ZGF member for the species of your choice by the application deadline to claim your benefit in the same year.


crosshairsMy account page

After you have become a ZGF member simply log in with your email and password that you created during your enrollment. From here you will be able to view your species details, add another species to your profile, update your personal info, change your address and even update your credit card. You will also be able to view your bonus points and your state confirmations. (if you are an “easy” app member)

crosshairs Membership Renewal

Your membership will automatically be charged the following year on the day you enrolled. If for any reason those charges are denied you will be sent 3 follow up emails to bring the account current. Team ZGF will also send an email several days before your membership is set to renew, reminding you of the pending charges.

crosshairs Drawing the tag

Team ZGF will email you a congratulatory email with the species, your benefit, a gear list and an option to purchase more days. (if needed). A phone call will also be made by our Team to answer questions and to go over the logistics of the hunt. You will be sent a contract to sign by the participating outfitter to lock in the dates and number of days you will be hunting. Team ZGF will fund the participating outfitter for the benefit days.

crosshairs Gear List

The gear list sent to you will be customized to your specific hunt. These items are ones that we trust and specifically use on our own hunts and feel are the best for our members. We will be working with the manufacturers to give us their best price and pass the savings on to you. Each product is linked to their respective store so its easy to shop, find out more details and checkout.  See gear list


Adding days to your hunt

More days can be purchased above and beyond your benefit days by Zero Guide Fees. If your hunting benefit does not max out the hunting season days then you may purchase extra days and add them on to your hunt once you have drawn the tag. You will be given a chance to add as many days as the season dates allow when Team ZGF sends you your congratulatory email. The extra hunting days must be purchased up front before your hunt starts due to the logistics of the hunt and to avoid scheduling conflicts.

zgf_elk_reducedAdditional Elk Days


Archery Elk Hunts (per day) $750.00

Early Rifle Elk Hunts (per day) $1,000.00 

Late Rifle Elk  Hunts (per day) $750.00




zgf_deer_reducedAdditional Deer Days


Archery Deer Hunts (per day) $750.00

Early Rifle Deer Hunts (per day) $750.00 

Late Rifle Deer Hunts (per day) $1000.00