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Frequently Asked Questions

How many units will my membership cover me when i enroll?

You will get to choose 2 units from a list of eligible units when you enroll.

Can I change my two eligible units after I become a member?

Yes, you can change your two units from year to year. However, the units you will be eligible for will be based on your species, weapon and the total number of bonus points at the time of change.

Who will be guiding me when I draw my tag?

Arizona Strip Guides and Arizona Elk Outfitters are our primary outfitters. We do however contract with a number of other outfitters depending on which species and area you are drawn for. Only top producing outfitters are used.

What am I responsible for once I draw my tag?

You will be responsible for your personal gear and transportation to and from camp. Zero Guide Fees will be responsible for your guide, food, lodging, and removing your animal from the field. Transportation to the meat processor and taxidermist are also provided.

Can I hunt anywhere in the state?

Zero Guide Fees has selected a wide range of units and weapon choices for each species. Look under the benefits page, species link to see the available units for each species. Zero Guide Fees has selected a generous list of hunts that are available. Zero Guide Fees is dedicated to quality hunts with the best chance of being drawn.

Can I apply with another hunter and still be guided even if he is not a Zero Guide Fees member?

Yes, you can apply with another partner, family member, or friend even if they are not a member. Your hunt will still be covered.

What happens if I cancel my Zero Guide Fees membership before I get drawn?

You may cancel the program at any time. However, no refunds will be given for any reason.

How long will it take to draw a tag in Arizona?

This is totally subject to bonus points, units, species etc. There are many variables. Zero Guide Fees can help with your choices using our Easy Application service.

Do I have to be in the program for a certain amount of time before my hunt is covered by Zero Guide Fees?

No. All members are covered as soon as they pay their first annual membership fee. It is possible to draw and hunt in your first year. You must however be a member prior to the close of the application deadline for the species your are applying for. Any member who joins after the application deadline will be eligible for the next calendar year.

How do I know Zero Guide Fees will still be in business when I draw my tag?

Zero Guide Fees is owned by two partners and supported by many others who are kin to the outfitting industry. Zero Guide Fees is not a new company per se but is a new program created by those who have been outfitting for the past 25 years. Big game hunting and outfitting is a way of life for the owners of Zero Guide Fees and we are not going anywhere. We use sound debt free business principles and will honor all commitments made.

What if I want to hunt with an outfitter not contracted by Zero Guide Fees?

In such a case Zero Guide Fees would pay the outfitter of choice our cost for your hunt. Any difference in the price you would need to pay to the outfitter selected. Zero Guide Fees would accept no responsibility for your satisfaction and would make no claim to the quality of the hunt.

What happens if I forget to pay my annual fee?

You will be given a 30 day grace period to pay. We will attempt to contact you at the contact information provided as a courtesy reminder. If after 30 days past your annual due date you have not paid, you will be considered as discontinuing your membership.

Will my annual dues go up?

Your annual dues will never change until you have drawn your tag. Each year new memberships may increase however once you have joined yours will not. If after drawing your tag, you wish to renew, you may renew at the updated membership cost whatever it is. This is another reason to not delay in joining!

I have drawn a Super Raffle Tag! Can I use my ZGF membership?

Yes, any Zero Guide Fees Member who is lucky enough to draw an Arizona super raffle permit may use their Zero Guide Fees benefit, whatever it is at the time, for their hunt. Zero Guides fees reserves the right to determine the dates of the hunt.

Can I transfer my tag and ZGF benefit to my child or grandchild?

Yes, Arizona allows tag transfers to children, grandchildren and those you have legal guardianship over. You may transfer your ZGF benefit to the tag holder for that specific species.

Can I transfer my membership to a different species?

No you may not. Each membership is species specific.

Are all units open for all species?

No. Almost all units and species are open to ZGF members for Pronghorn and Bighorn sheep. A good selection of units are available for deer and elk including all weapons types. Please see unit list under species.

Are there any multi species discounts?

Yes. currently your first species is $350 annually, $300 for the second species if it is deer or elk and $150 dollars for pronghorn or bighorn sheep if your first species is deer or elk.

This seems too good to be true. How can such a quality hunt be offered for so cheap?

We have heard this one many times! First because we are outfitters we know the cost of providing the hunts. Using statistical analysis of the big game draw we are aware of how many people can possibly be drawn. By having a fair number of people who are already applying for the hunts become members, we can provide the hunts at an extreme discount and still be profitable. Using our model we can develop long term relationships with our clients, and provide the best hunts at the absolute cheapest prices!

Are the hunts discounted like the price?

NO! The success of Zero Guide Fees rests on the value of the hunts. We provide only top quality hunts for all successful ZGF members!