We pay the guide fees, so you don't have to!


As a ZGF member, you have the peace of mind knowing your fully outfitted hunt is paid for by ZGF when you draw. Expensive and ever increasing guide fees will no longer be a concern for ZGF members.


We know hunting in the west can sometimes take longer to draw. That’s why Zero Guide Fees will pay for more hunting days on year 4 and 7 of your membership. This increases the value of your benefit over time and makes it worth the wait!


As a ZGF member, you can take advantage of our “application service” for the current states your membership covers. ZGF will not only pay for your guided hunt but we will also use our 45 years of knowledge and expertise to make sure your applied for the right units at the right time!

Additional Member Benefits



Membership fees are guaranteed to remain the same until you draw. Compare this to traditional guide fees that will continue to increase over time while you wait for your big game tag in states like Arizona and Utah.




As a ZGF member, you will receive “Anytime Consultation” about numerous topics. From species and units, to weapon choices and drawing odds, you name it and we know it. We understand that you can only learn so much from magazine articles and social media. Its hard staying up to date with all of the fast-moving changes in the world of hunting, which is why our phones are always on to give you real time guidance.



We provide current and reliable intelligence, including trends, unit reviews and breakdowns.  With draw strategies, state changes, and other important information only known to those of us in the business. Since we have lived and hunted in the west over the last 25 years, we have the breadth of experience and knowledge necessary to provide real inside information.




As a ZGF member, you will have access to a variety of Zero Guide Fees approved hunts in our “hunt inventory” and receive big discounts just for being a member. These hunts can range from mountain lion in Arizona to great mule deer hunts in Mexico. The goal is to give our members high quality hunts with highly reputable outfitters at “member only” prices.



Your Cost & Savings

View your increase of benefits & savings over the next 10 years (non-residents)

Note: “ZGF COST” equals the annual membership fee x the number of years you have been a member.
Length of Membership Benefit Traditional Cost ZGF Cost Total Savings
1 Year 5 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $4,250 $349 $3,901
2 Years 5 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $4,500 $698 $3,802
3 Years 5 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $4,750 $1,047 $3,703
4 Years 7 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $6,000 $1,396 $4,604
5 Years 7 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $6,250 $1,745 $4,505
6 Years 7 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $6,500 $2,094 $4,406
7 Years 10 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $8,000 $2,443 $5,557
8 Years 10 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $8,500 $2,792 $5,708
9 Years 10 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $9250 $3,141 $6,109
10 Years 10 Day Fully Outfitted Hunt $10,000 $3,490 $6,510
= milestone year | Benefit increases on "Milestone Years" 4 - 7


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