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“I was very skeptical about the Zero Guide Fees at first. I wondered about the accommodations, food and mainly If I would have the same experience as the other client who paid more not using Zero Guide Fees? My skepticism quickly disappeared as the Zero Guide Fees program EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS from day one of my hunt to the end. I could not have afforded to go on a hunt like this without this program.  I am sold on the Zero Guide Fees program and currently signed up for Deer, Elk, Antelope and Sheep!! All I can say is ZERO GUIDE FEE is 100% Legit and if you’re not a Zero Guide Fees member you’re missing out and paying too much!”

Terry Chapman – Aztec, NM

“I drew an early rifle elk hunt with just 1 bonus point in my very first year as a ZGF member. ZGF paid Arizona Elk Outfitters for my 7 day fully outfitted hunt for just $175.00 bucks (the cost of my resident membership). I harvested a giant elk and couldn’t be more happy with the ZGF program. Rather you draw like me on your first year or your 10th year this program will save you thousands!”

Willie Bloomquist – Scottsdale, AZ

“I became a ZGF member with never applying in the state before and drew one of the hardest tags to draw my very first year. ZGF went over and beyond by paying the first 5 days of my fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Strip Guides! The hunt was great and I harvested a great deer. I would suggest zero guide fees to anyone who doesn’t want to pay expensive guide fees. I cannot wait to do it again! ”

Bruce Christopherson – Vernon, UT

“I was skeptical of Zero Guide Fees at first since I had never seen anything like this program before in the hunting industry. However I took the risk anyway and I am glad I did! They did exactly what they promised, by paying for my fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters, I harvested this incredible bull and now its time to add more species to my membership.”

Mark Labrie – Frankfort, SD

“I want to extend a huge thank you to Travis, owner of Zero Guide Fees, along with guide Josiah and other co-owner of ZGF, David Rhodes. For any of you looking for guided hunts, do yourself a favor and go check out Zero Guide Fees. I promise, you won’t be disappointed. The program they offer is like none other, and it WORKS!”

Tim Kerrigan – Rock Springs, WY

“I became a ZGF member in 2015 in hopes of one day drawing an AZ elk tag. To my surprise I drew the very next year & harvested a dandy bull! Zero Guide Fees LLC paid for the first 5 days of my hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters. If you would like to go with a reputable outfitter & pay NO guide fees when you draw, then I highly recommend becoming a ZGF member! Its by far the best & least expensive way to harvest trophy big game.”

Jon Collum – Wellsville, KS

“Zero Guide Fees is the best deal ever for a person on a limited budget. It exceeded my expectations in every way. Zero Guide Fees paid Arizona Strip Guides to guide me on my hunt and if that wasn’t good enough the provided excellent service with great people to be around. I killed my largest deer in 60 years of hunting and saw 4 others that were trophy class bucks.”

John Sievers – Astoria, OR

“Zero Guide Fees LLC is the best value in hunting! If you are looking to score big on a draw tag – Paying a small member fee up front to have an all expenses paid outfitted hunt in return, just guarantees you the very best opportunity to make sure those years waiting pays off. ”

Mike Slinkard – John Day, OR

“I truly appreciate the idea behind the program! I was fortunate to draw in my first year with the Zero Guide Fee Program. With 7 bonus points the program saved me $3000.00 worth of Guide Fees! I got to hunt with a great outfitter and team of guides. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing & definitely want to do it all over again! Thank you Zero Guide Fees!”

Kenneth Meyers – Phoenix, AZ

“Boy was I glad my husband talked me into this membership program! I drew in my first year, killed an awesome buck and received the first 5 days of my hunt ALL paid for by ZGF. This is one membership you are definitely going to want!”

Lacey Phillips – Vernon, UT

“I cant think of anything negative to say about the ZGF program, I mean how can you argue with this kind of success! Zero Guide Fees paid for my hunt with the Arizona Strip Guides who worked so hard and put so much passion into what they do. I really thank ZGF for giving me this opportunity to harvest such a great deer, you just cant beat the “Zero Guide Fee” Program period! I am already looking for the next hunt!

Hal Wachter – Seligman, AZ

“Zero Guide Fees bought my hunting license, took care of my applications and paid for my fully outfitted hunt with Arizona Strip Guides. I drew in my very first year with NO bonus points, I was able to hunt with a fantastic guide, TJ Goodnow and harvested a great mule deer. Who could ask for more? Now I am telling my friends they to need a ZGF membership, I mean who else is going to pay for your hunt?

Guy Buyan – Alder, MT

“I feel great about your ZGF program! Basically, I wanted to go through ZGF because I heard they had some great guides that were passionate about their hunting, which proved true for me and my camp mates. Yes the “free hunt” was a nice bonus also.”

Craig Purse – Liberty, IL

“I want to thank David my guide from Arizona Strip Guides on giving me a quality hunt and finding this quality buck. I received the first 5 days fully outfitted for the membership fee of $349.00. There is no program like this that I know of in the country and I am glad I got to take advantage of it and harvest this great buck. Thanks again to David and the whole crew who made this possible!”

Chris Mink – North East, MD

“I paid my membership of $175.00, got drawn the very next year and Zero Guide Fees LLC paid for my hunt with Arizona Elk Outfitters. Since I was a an Arizona resident and already had 15 bonus points, I was responsible for only $1,500.00 of the $4,500.00 guided hunt. Zero Guide Fees paid the rest and I was able to harvest this giant goat! Thanks ZGF you guys rock!

Jeslyn Rain – Sedona, AZ

“Zero Guide Fees is the best way to hunt! Unprecedented value and a top of the line experience. I had a blast with Nick from Arizona Elk Outfitters and now consider Nick a good friend. He was an accommodating guide in every facet and now I have a 355″ bull to show for it. Loved the entire experience!”

Chris Danca – Elk Grove, IL

“I wasn’t expecting to draw right away since I only had 1 bonus point for Arizona, but to my surprise I drew in my second year applying and my first year as a ZGF member. I cant tell you how glad I am to have become a member when I did, not having to pay for a traditional guided hunt was great and harvesting a super solid 4×4 was even better. I want to thank Landon my guide from Arizona Strip Guides for his hard work and positive attitude. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to come out to Arizona and hunt some trophy big game.”

Lymon Rose – Sacramento, CA

“I love the program. The absolute best deal going for big game guided hunting I’ve come across. I will continue as a member for several more years…. Everything was superb and just as promised.”

William Arsenault –  Moreno Valley, CA

“Hello Travis, Just wanted to let you know, what a great hunt elk hunt I had with  Arizona Elk Outfitters & the Zero Guide Service this last year. From you taking care of my application to the lodging was first class. My guide Jeremy was extremely knowledgeable of the area and worked very hard to get me a shot. We were into elk every day, but I passed on quite a few great bulls to shoot the big one, but unfortunately couldn’t get him in the right position to shoot him! I guess that’s how they get big! I do a lot of guided hunts and this was by far my most rewarding for the complete hunting experience.”

— ZGF member Frank Birtcher

“In 2015 I drew the coveted “Arizona Strip” mule deer tag. Fortunately prior to the draw I signed up and became a ZGF member. As a serious mule deer hunter and former outfitter and guide, I was amazed as to the professionalism, knowledge and dedication of the entire Arizona Strip Guides Team. After passing numerous beautiful bucks, Travis and Dave put me on a tremendous buck. I missed him four times and yet went home with tremendous satisfaction and respect for the ASG Team. I will sign up with ZGF every year for the rest of my hunting days.”

— ZGF member Dick Cook

“Jabe worked very hard to put me on an elk. I missed which that falls on me. He’s a great guide and a very nice young man. We enjoyed our time with him and I have already recommended him to another hunter! Jabe was able to put us in an area with light hunting pressure and a lot of elk. We couldn’t hardly sleep at night because of their bugling. There were many good bulls in the area and it was just an excellent hunt! Jabe was great!”

— ZGF member Steve Kyle

“Great experience with this outfitter.  Although I did not take any shots, I had the opportunity to harvest several animals.  With the animals not rutting and a full moon, it made this hunt a challenge.  Travis did everything he could to put me on a trophy animal.  I had a great time and a great experience and would highly recommend the Zero Guide Fee service to anyone.”

— ZGF member Trent Leavitt

“My experience hunting with Arizona Strip Guides & being a Zero Guide Fee member will not be my last.  All the guides in camp were knowledgeable and skilled.  My guide Nick was hard working and focused on doing whatever it took for me to get the Mule Deer I was looking for.  His relentless efforts made the difference and I got a great deer.  All hunters in camp took home a prize so I would take 100% success any day of the week.”

—  ZGF member Mike Thomas

“I drew in my first year as a Zero Guide Fee member with only 1 bonus point. I received a 5 day fully outfitted hunt for just my membership cost of $349.00.  Arizona Elk Outfitters LLC was my participating outfitter and Arlis Miller was my guide. Arlis was great, he was professional and courteous we saw many elk  and basically had a lot of fun on this hunt.”

— ZGF member Jake Karber

“I had a 22S muzzleloader elk tag. Layne Chitwood was my guide. He was a very hard working and enthusiastic guide and I had a very good hunt. He had done his homework and guided to what could well have been the largest bull that would have been taken in that unit. I wounded him and had him on the ground at 40 yards and failed to close the deal. I had my chance at a giant and I took home a nice 6 pt bull 3 days later. I am very satisfied with the hunt and would like to know if I will be able to use your service for Arizona deer going forward. I only did one species this year to give it a try. Please advise.”
ZGF member Steve Stenson

“Having been on other guided hunts I found the Arizona Strip Guide Team exceptional in the knowledge of the area I was hunting. the guides were able to locate a number of very nice animals in the unit I hunted. the results were a nice mule deer buck being harvested. The food and lodging were 1st rate hot food, hot showers, and a warm comfortable bed. I recommend the Zero Guide Fees service to anyone interested in a premium hunting adventure without paying the expensive guide fees.”

—  ZGF member Denise Chan

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