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Team ZGF believes that one of the most important parts of your hunt is your camouflage clothing and footwear. Nothing ruins a hunt faster than overheating, underdressing, using the wrong camo pattern or blistered feet. That it is why we couldn’t reinforce KUIU camo anymore than we do. There is just no better product on the market that is lighter, stretches more, cools faster, warms quicker and blends better than KUIU ultra light camouflage. KUIU is hands down the best camo we have ever worn and strongly recommend it for your next hunt.

Tiburon Pant




The Tiburon Pant is the perfect pant for warm early-season hunts. This pant solves the problem of harsh temperatures on many summer and early fall hunts and scouting trips. 2 pair suggested for archery hunt.



Ultra Tiburon Zip-T


ultratiburonzipt_vr_frnotag_1425x1825The highly breathable ULTRA Tiburon Zip-T is a warm-weather outer layer featuring Dot Air Fabric with micro openings allowing maximum airflow. 2 pair suggested for an archery hunt.


Chugach Rain Jacket



This Teton Rain Jacket offers the perfect balance between performance features, and price. At just over 8 oz., this is an impressively light and pack-able piece of true 3-layer rain-wear.



Chugach Rain Pant




The Teton Rain pant offers the perfect balance between performance, features, and price. At just over 8 oz., this is an impressively light and pack-able piece for true 3-layer rain-wear.



Guide All-Season Jacket



The Chinook Jacket provides light insulation, wind resistance, and a durable yet quite exterior for use in a wide range of early to mid-season hunting conditions.


Ultra Merino Crew Sock


ultra-merino-sockThe ULTRA Merino Crew Sock is a lightweight, technical sock that can be worn comfortably for days on end, protecting your feet from difficult mountain terrain. 3 pairs suggested for this hunt.




Ultra Merino 210 Glove



peloton200glove_v2_fr_1425x1825The ULTRA Merino 210 Glove is designed to have the perfect balance of durability and comfort and is effective in a wide range of conditions and temperatures as a base layer or light duty primary glove.




Kuiu Pro Hat


Made with the same 160 denier 100% Nylon CORDURA ripstop as the Icon Cap, but built with more structure and volume.



The TRIAX is a compact, maneuverable rig that’s deadly accurate and insanely quiet. Powered by our award-winning Crosscentric Cam system, and featuring our all-new 3D Damping technology, the TRIAX is built on a 28” ATA platform with a 6” BH and delivers up to 343 feet per second.

Preferred Equipment Items

MUTNT Binocular to Tripod Adapter



The MUTNT universal mount is a must if you’re looking to combine binoculars with a tripod. The “included” stud and universal spacers fit most of the following binos with a 1/4×20 threaded tripod housing.

  • Swarovski SLC’s, Vortex, Leupold, Zeiss, Leica, Minox, Nikon, Kahles, Pentax, Steiner.



MUTNT Bow Sling-Kit




The Hunters Technology “MUTNT” Bow Sling was designed to accommodate the demands of the most physical hunters in the field. The MUTNT sling helps to reduce fatigue on long hikes while allowing access to your bow in 3 seconds or less. The sling can be used with or without a backpack and allows enough freedom of movement to climb into tree stands.



Smackdown Pro Rest




  • Stainless steel launcher and axle that pivot inside super smooth dual bearings
  • Can be configured for attachment to lower limb, upper limb or “up” cable
  • Backed by Trophy Taker’s unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Full capture containment ring with one-way rubber loading gate


Halon 6




The all new 2016 HALON is our hardest hitting flagship bow to date. Inspired by NO CAM technology, the Crosscentric Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy while delivering speeds up to 353 feet per second.



Full Metal Jacket




Easton’s Full Metal Jacket gets more penetration, add kinetic punch for thick hide & bone.

• Pre-installed X Nocks
• X HIT 8-32 inserts included
• High-strength carbon core
• Straightness: ±.002”




Suttle T-LOK Broadhead




Everything about this broadhead is rugged. From its stout blade locking system to its one piece stainless steel ferrule. The tapered, non-vented deadly curves blade design makes it field point accurate and silent in flight. Shuttle blade design provides the slicing surface to inflict high-volume hemorrhaging.


Primary Footwear

Below are two choices of footwear companies that we know and love and highly recommend for your summer, spring and fall hunts. The footwear listed below are not necessarily the specific items we recommend but more of about the company themselves. These companies have a proven track record for high quality and comfort that is unmatched in our experience. Team ZGF recommends two types of boots for your hunt. 1) A summer light wight hiking boot- We find these have less aggressive soles are more flexible and tend not to heat your foot in those summer & fall months. 2) A waterproof over the ankle boot is recommended for your second pair. This boot will tend to be louder because of an aggressive sole but protects the ankle from sprains and wont allow your feet to get wet on those early morning stalks.

2090 Pro Evo GTX RR




Expedition boot for technical mountaineering, including climbing on high-altitude routes in the mountains and on glaciers.  Ideal for use in extremely low temperatures and where crampons are recommended.



Quest Origins 2 GTX®




Imagine yourself in a classic Alpine Movie, hiking and backpacking among high mountains and Chamois. The Quest Origins 2 GTX® combines a classic leather look with Salomon’s fit and technical innovation, so you’ll be able to keep going long after the credits roll.



Fleece Sneek Boots

Non-member $49.95





Sneek Boots eliminate the noise created by footfall in nearly all conditions. Sneek boots are light and compact and can be quickly put on over any boot creating a silent barrier between you and your surroundings.


1301963432622081819stick_figure%201-md1Clothing List

  • 4 pair camo pant
  • 4 long sleeve camo shirts
  • 4 Short sleeve camo shirts
  • 2 camo sweaters
  • 1 Lightweight Camo Jacket
  • 2 sets light-weather wicking base layer
  • 7 pair boot socks
  • 1 sock cap/Beanie
  • 1 camo ball cap
  • 1 pair camo rain suit
  • Personal towel
  • 1 pair light gloves
  • 2 pair uninsulated Hunting Boots
  • 2 pair extra Bootlaces
  • Underwear
  • Personal items
  • Toiletries

archery-hunter_cut-outArchery Equipment List

  • Backup bow if desired
  • Release
  • Extra release
  • 12 arrows
  • 12 broad heads
  • 12 field tips
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Rangefinder Binos / strap
  • Knife/Sharpener
  • wind detector
  • Flashlight(s) and Headlamp
  • Phone / charger
  • Digital Camera
  • Extra SD cards
  • 80 qt cooler.

rifle-hunter_cut-outRifle Equipment List

  • 1 extra backup rifle if desired
  • 40 rounds ammo
  • Rangefinder
  • Binos / strap
  • Spotting Scope
  • 15 x 56 Binos
  • Glassing Tripod
  • Knife/Sharpener
  • Flashlight(s) and Headlamp
  • Phone / charger
  • Digital Camera
  • Extra SD cards
  • 80 qt cooler.

gear-listBack Pack Items

This list is a general list of things we carry in the field in our packs and is a simple recommendation for your packs as well. However you may not feel it necessarily to bring everything on this list or you may also want to bring additional items please feel free to do so.

  • Tags
  • hunting License
  • Compass / GPS
  • Trash Bags
  • Zip Lock bags
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks
  • First Aid Kit
  • Latex Gloves
  • Matches
  • Flashlight
  • Headlamp
  • Lighter
  • Flagging Tape
  • Toilet Paper
  • Para Cord
  • AA & AAA extra batteries
  • Wet Wipes
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