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Zero Guide Fees Tutorials

Understanding Cost & Benefits

The benefits for each species are different based on the species and how many years you have been a member, so look closely to see how the value of your species benefit increases over time.

Unit Breakdown & Synopsis for 2017

Watch video to see how to view the 2017 updated units that provide tag allocation, buck to doe ratios, and hunt success rates from last season.

Understanding your “account” page¬†after membership…

Its important to know how to access your account and what specific information your account holds. Please watch this short video to learn more about your account page as a ZGF member.

Why Zero Guide Fees?

Guide Fees are becoming a rich mans sport putting most of us on the outside looking in. Find out why Zero Guide Fees is changing all that with their new innovative membership based program.


I am ready to sign up… What do I do next?

Once you are convinced that Zero Guide Fees is the hands down the best program on the planet and you are ready to sign up. Then watch Travis explain exactly how it works and what to do to enroll in your first ZGF membership.

I drew my tag… What happens next?

If you have drawn a tag as a ZGF Member then you will want to watch this short tutorial video that details everything you will need to know from our preferred gear list to upgrading more days. Watch Now!